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Scammon's Lagoon
Whale Watching
San Ignacio
Whale Watching
Scammon's & San Ignacio
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The largest Gray whale nursery in Baja, Mexico

    From January through March, the Gray whales populate the main lagoons on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur (the South state of Baja, Mexico), to give birth, and to find a mate.

    This 2-day whale watching tour takes place in Scammon's Lagoon - the largest Gray whale nursery in Baja, Mexico.
    During peak season, well over 1000 whales can be counted in Scammon's Lagoon and, on some exceptional seasons, Baja whale watching experts counted over 2000 Gray whales, including baby whales.

    Close encounters with the Gray whales in Baja are certain, and with a little luck you may have the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to touch a Gray or, its baby (who at times swim up to the boat nudging it).

    Lodging on the Scammonís Lagoon tour is at a cozy and clean motel in Guerrero Negro (the town adjacent to Scammon's lagoon, which also includes a very good little restaurant).

San Ignacio Whales Mexico Smiling whale in Scammon's Lagoon

San Ignacio Spyhoppinvg Whale Baja Mexico Curious Whale Takes a Look

Whale watching San Ignacio Mexico
Whale watching at its best

Whale watching Baja tours in San Ignacio Lagoon
The Friendliest Whale Scammon's Lagoon

Baja Whale watching Mexico, Scammon's lagoon Hotel Your hotel In Guerrero Negro

Hotel in Scammon's Lagoon, Whale watching Baja Mexico vacation
Your room in Guerrero Negro Baja Whale watching Mexico vacation, hotel room in Guerrero Negro Clean & cozy double room - Guerrero Negro

Fully-Guided Whale Watching Trip: $1250 ea. 
(3 days, 2 nights hotel, 2 days whale watching; Single Supl. $150)

NOTE: An English speaking, U.S. private guide will meet you in Guerrero Negro and accompany you during the entire trip.


Jan. 24-26 * Jan. 26-28 * Jan. 28-30 * Jan. 30-Feb.1

Feb. 2-4 * Feb. 4-6 * Feb. 6-8 * Feb. 8-10 * Feb. 10-12 * Feb. 12-14 * Feb. 14-16

Feb. 16-18 * Feb. 18-20 * Feb. 20-22 * Feb. 22-24 * Feb. 24-26 * Feb. 26-28

Mar. 1-3 * Mar. 3-5 * Mar 5-7 * Mar. 7-9 * Mar. 9-11 * Mar. 11-13 * Mar. 13-14 * Mar. 14-16

Mar. 16-18 * Mar. 18-20 * Mar. 20-22 * Mar. 22-24 * Mar. 24-26 * Mar. 26-28 * Mar. 28-30

Please pick any date that you are interested in, and e-mail us for availability.

NOTE: An English speaking, U.S. private guide will meet you in Guerrero Negro and accompany you during the entire trip.

INCLUDES: English-speaking guide, motor-boat & operator.
Transportation from Guerrero Negro to the lagoon.
One whale watching excursion on day 2, and one whale watching excursion on day 3. Food: Day 1 (arrival day) - Dinner; Day 2 - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Day 3 - Breakfast.
Two hotel nights in Baja (dbl. ocp.).

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Transportation from the US to Guerrero Negro (airfare or car rental), meals at restaurants, personal items.

Click here to see the (self drive) itinerary.

TRIP DESCRIPTION: The Scammons Lagoon (self-drive) whale watching tour will begin/depart from Guerrero Negro, Baja. A shuttle will take our group from the hotel to the lagoon (half hour ride), where we will board the open deck motorboats.
   Your tour will take you to the key areas of the lagoon, where there will be abundant encounters of mother Gray whales (cows) with newborn babies (calves).
During the two days you will whale watch for a total of about five hours (three hours on day one and two hours on day two).
    Please note that getting from the U.S. to Guerrero Negro is participantís responsibility, and we are happy to provide suggestions and information about the available options.

THE WHALES, especially the babies (called calves), are curious and very friendly creatures.
On numerous occasions the cows gently push their calves towards our boats, seemingly to introduce them.
   Once contact is established, the calves enjoy interacting with people, nudging the boat and popping their head out of the water, allowing the stretched hands to touch and caress.
   All this happens while the mother lazily and unconcerned, suns herself around the boat. Sometimes the mother herself comes close to get some attention.
   Itís truly amazing. One may be concerned about their shear size (up to 45 feet) but they are incredibly gentle and aware of their surroundings.

THE BOATS: On these whale watching Baja tours we will use 24 ft., well maintained, open-deck motorboats
The size of the boats is ideal for the needed mobility, unobstructed view, and closeness to the water - essential for the quality of this activity.
Each boat has four sitting benches, accommodating three passengers per bench.
   You can expect 10-12 people on the boat per trip.
Life Preservers will be supplied and are mandatory while on the water.
   Your professional boat operator will be in permanent contact with your accompanying private guide, and with the shore-base via VHF radio.

GETTING TO GUERRERO NEGRO: Guerrero Negro is not the most convenient destination to reach. However, taking a commercial flight to Loreto, (Baja-Mexico), will make the experience more acceptable. Once in Loreto, you can rent a car at the airport and drive to Guerrero Negro (5 hours). This is by far faster and more comfortable than the drive from San Diego (12 hours).

1) Flying from Los Angeles (LAX) to Loreto (LTO): Alaska Airlines offers direct flights between Los Angeles and Loreto (2 hours). Although these flights are convenient, they tend to be pricey at the top of the season ($550-$600 ea.)
Note: Alaska only flies 4 days per week, and one flight per day.
Reserving early will not only make a significant difference in cost but, will guarrantee you a seat on the plane.

2) Flying from San Diego (Otay Mesa) / Tijuana (Mexico) to Loreto (LTO): Aero Calafia is a Mexican, commercial airline, offering direct flights from the Tijuana Airport to Loreto. Their aircraft are maintained to international standards and their flights are significantly cheaper. They fly: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Sundays: Round-Trip, Tijuana to Loreto is about $260.
(Their web site prices are in Mexican Pesos so, divide that amount by the exchange rate to get the price in US $$)
To get to the Tijuana airport: From the San Diego Airport, you can take an Uber, Shuttle or, Taxi (half hour ride) to the new Cross-Border Express (CBX) facility in Otay Mesa Ė California (on the US side of the border).
The CBX facility is attached to the Tijuana airport (on the other side of the border) via the CBX Sky bridge.
Youíll walk through the CBX Sky bridge, right to the Aero Calafia terminal in the Tijuana International Airport.
Only airline ticket holders are allowed to use the CBX Sky bridge.

For further assistance with air travel arrangements, contact our agent, Leslie Wahlgren at Kahala Travel in San Diego:
Phone number: (619) 282 8300 ext. 232

3) Driving From San Diego To Guerrero Negro: If time is not an issue, and especialy if you live in Southern California, you can drive your own vehicle to Guerrero Negro.
Note: We can provide you with insurance companies who will fully cover your personal vehicle for driving it into Baja.

Although it's a lengthy drive (about 12 hours), splitting it into two days will make the experience more comfortable. A midsize sedan is well suited for the Hwy Mex 1. The road is paved all the way to Cabo San Lucas, and it’s virtually impossible to get lost.

Or, if you'd rather drive a rentalal car, we can provide you with contacts for Car Rental companies in San Diego who allow their vehicles to be driven into Baja and provide insurance.
While you are away on the tour, the vehicles will be parked at the private hotel where you will stay, and will be absolutely safe.

DRIVING FROM LORETO TO GUERRERO NEGRO: If you fly to Loreto (from Los Angeles or Tijuana) you can easily rent a car from the Loreto Airport or, from the the town of Loreto (15 Min. from the airport).
The drive from Loreto to Guerrero Negro is about 5 hours, and it travels through the spectacular area of central Baja,

Car rental companies in Loreto:

A) Fox Rent a Car Loreto Centro (in Loreto, the town)
Paseo Miguel Hidalgo s/n, Colonia Centro
+52 613 135 1149 (open until 8:00 PM)

B) Europcar (at the Loreto airport):
Calle Miguel Hidalgo 72 entre Prol. Misioneros y Callejon Pino Suarez
+52 613 135 2306 (open until 8:00 PM)

C) Alamo (at the Loreto airport):

D) Mex Rent a Car Loreto (at the Loreto airport):
Carretera Transpeninsular KM 7 S/N
+52 613 135 1090 (open until 12:00 AM)

E) FOX: Tel. from the US: 011 52 (613)1350937. Web Site: http://www.foxrentacar.com/location/lto.aspx

F) THRIFTY (in Loreto, the town): In the Diamond Loreto hotel lobby:
Tel from the US: 011 52 (613) 133-0612 or 0700

G) BUDGET (in Loreto, the town): Paseo Hidalgo Y Malecon:
Tel from the US: 011 52 (613) 135-1090. Tel in the US: (800) 472-3325

H) www.kayak.com/cars or, www.priceline.com will also give you a way to make car reservations.

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