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Itinerary: Scammon's Lagoon Whale watching trip

Northern  Baja Map for the Baja whale watching adventure NOTE: The ďFIRST STEPĒ and ďDay 1Ē of the itinerary are different depending on whether you arrive in Guerrero Negro from San Diego or, from Loreto.

   If you fly from Los Angeles to Loreto:
Fly from Los Angeles to the old mission town of Loreto, on Alaska or, Delta Airlines. Arrive in Loreto in the afternoon. Get your pre-reserved rental car (for your drive to Guerrero Negro the folowing day) and spend the night in Loreto (2 miles away).

   If you Self-Drive from San Diego:
Leave your home and fly to San Diego intl. airport.
    Pick up your rental-car (unless you are driving your own) and drive across the border to Ensenada, about 65 miles South of the border. The hour and a half drive offers breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean.

   If you arrive in San Diego late afternoon or evening, we recommend staying the night in Ensenada, a fun city with great shopping, and tasty sea-food restaurants.
    Downtown Ensenada offers a choice of nice little hotels, within walking distance from shops and restaurants.
Central  Baja Map for the Baja whale watching adventure     NOTE: If you leave San Diego earlier in the day, you can easily pass Ensenada, and make it to San Quintin (about half way) or even Catavina (3/4 of the way).

Day 1: Driving from San Diego:
Leave Ensenada (or, San Quintin or, Catavina) in the morning. Traveling through Bajaís magnificent landscape with unusual vegetation like giant Saguaro cactus, Boojum and Elephant trees, is an inspiring way to begin your adventure vacation.
    On your way, youíll be able to stop at villages and buy fresh tortillas and fruit for your lunch.
    Miramar staff will greet you at your hotel in Guerrero Negro, the town adjacent to Scammonís Lagoon.

Day 1: Driving from Loreto:
The drive from Loreto to Guerrero Negro takes about 4-5 hours (270 miles).
    From Loreto you will drive through the most spectacular part of Baja.
For almost half of the drive to Guerrero Negro, the Sea of Cortez will be on your right. You will pass through the town of Mulege with its magnificent palm tree oasis, and early 1700ís Jesuit mission.
   Next comes the town of Santa Rosalia wich has a small iron church built in France by the famous Gustave Eiffel, then brought to Santa Rosalia in the late 1800's, on tall-ships, around Cape Horn.
    From Santa Rosalia you will turn inland and pass through the town of San Ignacio. It has its own palm tree oasis and probably the coolest old Dominican Mission in Baja.
    Arrive in Guerrero Negro (where we will meet) and stay the night at a quaint local motel with a very good restaurant (you will probably arrive sometimes in the afternoon).

DAY 2: The highlight of the day is whale watching in Scammonís Lagoon, the primary calving waters for Gray whales in Baja;
    Here, we will board motor boats and travel to the heart of the lagoon in search of close encounters with the Grays and their calves (three hours on the water, active whale watching).
    Tonight weíll stay at the same hotel in Guerrero Negro.

DAY 3: Wake up at sunrise and after breakfast we head back to the lagoon to watch the whales in a different area. Mothers with new-born baby whales prefer this side of the lagoon due to shallower and calmer water (two hours on the water, active whale watching).
    Returning to land will mark the end of your whale watching adventure, and with enough day-time left, you can start your journey back, and make it al least half-way to San Diego (or, to Loreto).
We recommend planing ahead and extending your vacation to explore other parts of Baja on your own.

Note: Itineraries are intended as guidelines only and are subject to change at the discretion of your guides due to weather and other general logistical conditions at the time of the trip. We strive to produce trips of consistently high quality and safety without compromise.

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