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Logistics: Kayaking & Whale Watching Trips to Baja Mexico

Sea Kayaks during Baja trip    KAYAKING & EQUIPMENT: Sleek and seaworthy, sea kayaks are like backpacking on water. They are silent & nature friendly crafts, that allow you to observe marine life with a minimum of impact.
   You will enjoy paddling top of the line fiberglass, rudder-controlled, 2 person sea kayaks. Single kayaks are available on some expeditions by request for experienced paddlers.
   Double kayaks offer maximum stability with no sacrifice of performance; guides are better able to balance a group by paddling power and ability, allowing the group to stay together -- a must on any expedition. Lightweight paddles and safety equipment, dry bags, tents and camping gear are also provided.

Sea Kayaks during Baja trip    CUISINE: After repeated compliments from our guests, we are confident that you will be impressed with our outdoor cooking. Start your morning off with a cup of hot coffee, perhaps some huevos rancheros, or a stack of buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit. Meals are prepared Baja style, wholesome recipes, fresh tortillas, home made guacamole and salsas, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.
   We also encourage you to bring along your favorite snacks. If you have any dietary restrictions, please notify us in advance, we will happily accommodate them. Purified drinking water will be provided during the entire trip.

Hiking amidst giant Cardon cactus in Baja's Desert    HIKING: Your back yard will be the Sonoran Desert - a boon for cactus enthusiasts, and a spectacular collection of unusual desert plants.
   Over sixty plant species are endemic to Baja, including Elephant and Boojum trees, Ironwood, and forests of giant Cardon cactus. There will be plenty of chances for casual hiking, on the islands or on the main-land. Hiking will be our second main activity and the best way to intimately explore the land and island's plant and animal life.

   WEATHER: Baja has a reputation of being a cloud free area with little or no rain (2"-12"/year). The best time for kayaking in Baja is between October and May, and this also coincides with the time when the most whales, dolphins, birds and other marine life is found in the Sea of Cortez.
   Daytime temperatures are around 70 to high 70's during winter month (Dec. Jan. & Feb.) and around 80 to high 80's for Fall and Spring month (Oct. Nov. and Mar. Apr. May). At night, especially during the winter months, it can get into the low 50's, a time for your three season sleeping bag to do its job.
   Water temperatures are around low to mid 60's during winter month (Dec. Jan. & Feb.) and low to mid 70's during Fall and Spring month (Oct. Nov. and Mar. Apr. May).

   YOUR SAFETY: Is our main concern. Each trip begins with an instruction period and a safety procedure review. Our guides are trained in first aid and CPR. While paddling among the islands, your group is in constant contact with the base camp via VHF radio. The base camp is equipped with a motor boat that is ready should any assistance be required. At Miramar, we understand that taking an adventure trip is a serious decision, that's why our staff is involved in all stages of your trip. Our guides answer the phones insuring a qualified answer to all of your questions.

   HEALTH: Provided that you had your tetanus within the last ten years, there is no vaccination required. The main health problem for travelers to Baja is the risk of diarrhea, so bring over the counter medication for this purpose as well as anything you need for your personal sensitivities like motion sickness, headaches, etc. It is better to be safe than sorry.

   MONEY: It is not necessary to bring pesos; U.S. dollars are accepted throughout Baja, although twenty dollar bills or smaller are preferred. Credit cards and personal checks are not useful in Baja. Your may also consider travelers checks although some places will not accept them.

   DOCUMENTS: U.S. citizens do not need a visa for traveling in Baja, however, you must bring a valid passport to re-enter the country.
    If you are driving your vehicle across the border, a Mexican tourist card can be obtained at the border crossing, and it is only valid if the “card fee” (approx. $25 per person) is paid.
    The offices required for this process are usually open daily until late in the eve. Bypassing the tourist card is a potential reason for the Mexican authorities to deny your car insurance claim (should that be needed).
    The tourist card is automatically included in the ticket cost on any flight to Mexico. Upon arrival in Mexico you will receive the tourist card (document) which you will keep with you for the duration of your stay. Prior to boarding the return flight, the customs agent will collect the document from you.

   TRAVEL INSURANCE: Due to the nature of wilderness and international operations, Miramar Adventures strongly recommends you purchase travel insurance to protect your vacation investment in the eventuality of cancellation due to weather, airline or other transportation delays, sickness, or any situation beyond our control.
   We recommend "TRAVEL INSURED INTERNATIONAL, Inc.", an industry leader with an outstanding reputation for service; Travel Insured allows you to select the individual coverages for: medical, trip cancelation, medical evacuation, and baggage loss, all for which Miramar Adventures assumes no responsibility.
   For a quote contact Travel Insured: wwww.travelinsured.com,   Ph. (800) 243-3174,   Fax (860) 528-8005.

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